Mohra مهرة

You are proud of whom you are and have a unique beauty: you love your family, friends & home, your find beauty in small things. You love hearing poetry that celebrates women power & beauty. Your big eyes & full lips are your main feature. You wardrobe contains black, red & gold which all look amazing on you

Mohra your beauty has been & will be in the rhyme of poets.

You have a spiritual personality. You cherish your home, family & friends. Your strong yet charming personality leaves your admirers with a mystery to solve. You are a conservative person yet you are someone who know that you beauty is unique and you don’t feel shy to show it off. Your eyes show the strength of your soul.

Blessed with those eyes, you have an endless choice of colors from our palettes to create a unique look. Your full lips enhance even more your beauty. Show it off with our exclusive collection for you.