Fairy خيالية

Do you live in your own fairy word: flowers, butterflies & stars make you smile, your favorite movies include romantic love story. Pink, White, Purple is a must in your evening look

If this somehow made you dream about your fairy world, favorite movie or your next princess look, you are a fairy.

You have a charm that helps you beautifying everything you pass by, dream of or encounter. You are either a modern Barbie or a classic romantic sweetheart. In both ways you have a sensitive, caring personality. Femininity is your charm; you steal anyone’s heart with your smile. You are selective when it comes to people you want to be around. Those I can tell you they are lucky to have you

Enjoy Bloom By Mouna Fairy world. Your dream has come true to have the palette that matches your dreamy personality with different shades of pink, purple, glitter glamour and more. Enhance your special smile with lipstick shades we picked for you.