About Us

Hello Divas,

If you have a passion for beauty & makeup you have clicked right

Makeup & Beauty has been my passion since my childhood. Remembering my free time in my childhood i was drwaing faces & my drwaing of a face will show big eyes with dramatic lashes and a bold color of lipstick. Growing up I found myself spending hours in putting on my makeup, trying to mix colors & shades to come up with a look that enhance natural beauty. The facts that one of my besties will ask me to do her makeup, and seeing her happy with it made my whole day and encourage me to try put on makeup for different faces.

I believe that Every woman has a diva in her awaiting to bloom.

Each one of us is blessed with unique beauty & i have always believed that makeup is a tool to enhance her natural beauty and boost her mood & confidence. Spending the time with my client hearing from her about her favorite flower, the color she wears when she is happy, the theme she chose for her look or big day or even her famous idol help me to define a unique look for her that will show her inside beauty out

I am truly blessed with having a loving family that always push me to follow my dreams and do what I love & I am so grateful to be a part of your special day and sharing my journey with you

I can't wait to hear from you